What if we got back to basics

That smile which made us want to know more. That first message one evening, sketching the outlines of a personality. That somewhat playful response. Feeling overwhelmed by a strange feeling of complicity formed with a stranger. Being woken up in the morning by a simple hello from someone who has become so special in just a few hours. And those butterflies in the stomach that we carry with us when the time for the first date arrives. Where have those moments gone that take us back to our first loves, our first kiss, and our heart racing? To return to them, we've created an app we wish we had back in 2010, where honesty and authenticity regain their rightful place. Because we asked more than 200 people about the app of their dreams, we know your time is precious and your energy exhausted when it comes to rekindling your love life. This app was designed for you, according to your reality.

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