Code of Conduct

HIOOSH is an inclusive, kind, and respectful space where you can connect, interact, and meet without fearing for your safety, whether psychological or physical. To allow the HIOOSH community to build gentle and authentic relationships and experience their sentimental renewal in peace, we pay particular attention to how members treat others by raising awareness and responsibility through a code of conduct.

Our Code of Conduct contributes to the safety of our members and clearly indicates which content and behaviors are not acceptable (on our platform and beyond).

Profile Guidelines

    The information on your profile must be truthful. On HIOOSH, it is imperative to use your common first name and legal surname. 
    We do not allow:
    • The use of a pseudonym, the name of a celebrity, or a fictional character; Words or characters (other than a valid name), including descriptive words, symbols (e.g., $, *, @), emojis, numbers, or punctuation marks;
    • Any word or phrase that violates our community guidelines.
  • AGE 🎂 
    Registration is only allowed for people aged 18 and over. It is also forbidden to make your profile appear as that of a minor. HIOOSH reserves the right to request identification to verify the user’s age and to take any necessary actions if the user is underage, including account deletion and blocking.
    To encourage complete transparency and an experience as close to reality as possible, HIOOSH strongly recommends adding a selfie where the user poses alone. 
    Regarding the selfie and other photos, the user is not allowed to use:
    • Filters or any visual distortion or digital effect that prevents seeing the facial features or determining the match with the person in the photo;
    • Symbols, icons, frames, or stickers not from HIOOSH;
    • Memes or visuals mainly containing text;
    • Images of children alone;
    • Images where children appear unclothed.

Content and Behavior Guidelines

    HIOOSH prohibits the posting of sexually explicit, sexually vulgar content, or any person (including the user themselves) nude. No commercial exchange or attempt to sell romantic or sexual activities, content, or services is allowed.
    The HIOOSH community allows online encounters as we would like to experience them in real life, exciting human experiences. The user is not allowed to post content or adopt behavior that would cause a feeling of harassment or intimidation. 
    Among other things, HIOOSH does not allow:
    • Degrading, insulting, or intimidating behavior;
    • Unsolicited comments on a person’s appearance;
    • Psychological violence;
    • Blackmail;
    • Repeated unwanted contact;
    • Encouraging, wishing, or praising acts of violence.
    HIOOSH has a zero-tolerance policy for any form of child sexual exploitation and abuse. HIOOSH does not allow content that sexualizes or endangers children, whether real or fictional (e.g., anime, media, texts, illustrations, or digital images). This includes any visual representation or discussion of sexually explicit behavior involving a child. For the purposes of this Code of Conduct, a child is anyone under the age of 18. It is forbidden to upload, store, produce, share, or incite anyone to share material related to child sexual abuse, even if the intention is to express outrage or raise awareness about the issue.
    HIOOSH is not a commercial site but a place where it is intended to form friendly and romantic relationships. Users are not allowed to use HIOOSH for unsolicited commercial or promotional purposes.
    The User is not allowed to use HIOOSH to buy, sell, supply, distribute, or directly facilitate the purchase, sale, supply, or distribution of illegal drugs and/or the misuse of controlled goods and substances, including: vapes, marijuana and its derivatives, any drug-related material, prescription drugs, tobacco, alcohol.
    HIOOSH does not allow the presence of organizations or individuals on HIOOSH who proclaim, glorify, approve, or are known to support a violent, dangerous, or terrorist mission.
    We want the HIOOSH community to experience their time as they would in a safe space as defined by the association Advocates for Youth: “a place where everyone can relax and fully express themselves, without fear of feeling uncomfortable, harassed, or challenged because of their biological sex, race or ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, culture, age, or physical or mental abilities; a place where rules preserve self-respect, dignity, and the feelings of everyone and strongly encourage respect for others.” Thus, HIOOSH prohibits any content or behavior that goes against this philosophy: hate, dehumanization, degradation, or contempt.
    HIOOSH is a place of authenticity. The User must ensure that their profile reflects who they are and no one else. HIOOSH prohibits identity theft or false statements, including creating an online profile that represents someone other than the User themselves (catfishing) and making false statements about oneself.
    HIOOSH is not an ideological forum. HIOOSH prohibits the dissemination of content that is patently false or substantially misleading and likely to cause serious harm or have a negative impact on the safety of individuals or the public. This includes content that directly contradicts information and advice from leading and trustworthy global health organizations and public health authorities, false or misleading information about any civic process, and dangerous and unproven conspiracy theories.
    Consent is the number one rule of any exchange within the HIOOSH community. To learn more about the issue, HIOOSH invites Users to carefully read the principles of consent proposed by Amnesty international and reproduced below. HIOOSH also recommends watching a video by activist and journalist Olympe de G, who gave a Tedx Talk on the subject.
    “Consent must be: 
    • Freely given: sexual consent must be the expression of a free and voluntary choice for all concerned. Not expressing oneself or not saying ‘no’ does not mean giving consent. Unconscious people or those under the influence of alcohol or drugs cannot give consent. Sexual intercourse is not consensual if it takes place under coercion or threat. Other situations can prevent a person from freely giving consent, such as if they do not have the mental capacity to consent or if they are a minor. 
    • Informed: sexual intercourse is not consensual if one person lies or deliberately conceals certain intentions, for example, if they plan to have unprotected sex. Forcing a person too drunk to refuse sex to accept certain practices does not equate to obtaining consent. 
    • Specific: consenting to one thing (e.g., kissing) does not imply consent to go further. The rule to follow is: when in doubt, stop and ask the question. And if the doubt persists, stop. 
    • Reversible: giving consent once does not mean giving consent for all subsequent times. Even in the middle of sexual intercourse, a person should be free to interrupt or stop at any time and withdraw their consent. 
    • Enthusiastic: the question is not whether a person says ‘no,’ but whether they say ‘yes’ or actively give their consent in various ways, verbal or otherwise.”

Thus, HIOOSH does not tolerate any content, image, or behavior that commits or threatens to commit credible acts of physical or sexual violence; this includes physical harassment, using the HIOOSH platform to aid, facilitate, or support the exploitation or trafficking of human beings, and sexual assaults of any kind, which HIOOSH defines as unwanted physical contact or an attempt at physical contact of a sexual nature.

    The HIOOSH site prohibits any scamming or theft activity aimed at defrauding or manipulating members to extort financial or material resources from them. This includes asking for or seeking financial support, lying about one’s intentions to obtain financial gain, or pretending romantic intentions to deceive members and deprive them of financial or material resources.
    HIOOSH has zero tolerance for sexual harassment. If you have any doubts about what constitutes harassment, HIOOSH encourages you to take the quiz created by Nous Toutes. HIOOSH considers sexual harassment to be any non-physical, unwanted, and intrusive sexual behavior between members. This includes cyber flashing (i.e., sharing unsolicited sexually explicit images), in-person exhibitionism, sharing or threatening to share sexual or intimate images without the consent of the person involved or represented, sending unwanted sexual comments or images, and fetishization.
  • SPAM 🗑 
    HIOOSH is not a classified ads board, nor is it an email inbox. The User is not allowed to send any type of content en masse or at high frequency within the HIOOSH community, including misleading or poorly directed hyperlinks, creating an excessive number of Accounts causing disruptions to other members, or having multiple active profiles on the platform to engage in unwanted interactions.
    HIOOSH cares deeply about its members and understands that some of them may be struggling with mental health issues, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, substance abuse, or eating disorders. While HIOOSH allows members to safely share their personal experiences on these issues, no content describing, promoting, glorifying, or aiding activities that could lead to suicide, self-harm, or eating disorders or body image issues is allowed.
    HIOOSH is a space where gentleness prevails above all else. The User is not allowed to share violent, graphic, or bloody content. This includes but is not limited to usernames or profile descriptions containing violent content, photos containing blood, bodily fluids, or real or realistic injuries, or images depicting firearms of any kind (except for a photo of a User in uniform as a law enforcement or military personnel in their profession).

Platform Manipulation

HIOOSH wants to host a community where emotional safety takes precedence over ephemeral seduction, creating a space where meeting is a conscious act, a thoughtful and measured attention, the echo of a responsible attitude. Users are not allowed to use artificial intelligence, scripts already used elsewhere, or any other means of artificializing their profile, connections, or conversations.

Safety Reports

HIOOSH was specifically created to address security issues related to online dating. In other words, safety is our top priority.

HIOOSH uses a combination of human moderators and automated systems based on artificial intelligence to monitor and review Accounts and interactions to detect any content that may violate this Code of Conduct, the Terms of Use, or otherwise be harmful.

All community members can help create a secure environment by reporting content and behavior that may violate the HIOOSH Code of Conduct. If you feel uncomfortable or threatened, HIOOSH advises you to delete the connection or block the profile.

Enforcement Philosophy

All HIOOSH community members must comply with the platform’s rules as described and referenced in this Code of Conduct. If your behavior violates these rules and our values, or if HIOOSH deems your behavior harmful to the platform’s functioning or its members, HIOOSH may take a range of measures against your Account.

Several factors are considered to determine the applicable sanction for violating this Code of Conduct, which may include:

  • Content removal;
  • Issuance of a warning;
  • Ban from accessing the application.

If necessary, HIOOSH may also cooperate with the relevant authorities to assist in any investigations related to members’ conduct.

Users’ behavior towards others outside the HIOOSH application can also result in action against their Account. If HIOOSH is informed of incidents between members during dates, meetings with friends, through text messages or direct messaging platforms, or alleged relevant criminal or harmful conduct committed in the past or outside HIOOSH, actions may be taken as if the incidents occurred on the HIOOSH platform.

If you believe that HIOOSH has made a mistake in taking action against your account or content, you can always contact HIOOSH.

If you have any questions or comments about the HIOOSH Code of Conduct, feel free to contact us.

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